About Bunyah Oils

BUNYAH OILS is a boutique manufacturer of Sandalwood Oils located on a rural property on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Interest in Sandalwood Oil was obtained during the founders caravan travelling around Australia.  Interest was conveyed to the Ralph family and following further investigation a small laboratory extraction plant of 65kg was designed and constructed.  Shortly after, a larger machine was designed and constructed and support equipment built with some additional equipment purchased.

Today Bunyah Oils is an efficient environmentally friendly producer of high quality Sandalwood Oils.  It is environmentally sensitive to production procedures utilising captured rain water for distilling and property dams as heat exchangers and storage of captured water. All water is continually recycled. Wood residue is composted and a wood powder machine is being considered.  There is no waste and is energy efficient.

Quality Management – Bunyah Oils is a small enterprise comprising the Ralph Family.  Members are well skilled and experienced in material quality and production quality control and monitoring.  Previous experience of over 16 years with the Recycling and Reprocessing of Waste Plastic Materials provides the knowledge for the future success of the enterprise. 

Bunyah Oils processing plant projects an environmentally friendly marketing image.  Oil is extracted from Plantation and Wild (Govt Licensed) Sandalwood trees using environmentally friendly production methods.   The Plant is located on a rural property utilising captured rain water for distilling and dam water for cooling. All water is recycled.  Wood powder and compost are produced. The Plant is energy efficient and produces no waste. 


Sandalwood Oil is one of nature’s wonderful miracles.  It is the most sort after essential oil and amongst the most expensive available.   It is used by most prominent Perfume Manufacturers from around the world in exotic fragrances.  It is used in Religious Ceremonies going back through history and reaches out to health preparations and aromatherapy.

Australia is blessed to have Sandalwood Trees both in the wild and in plantations.  The species is the largest supply of natural trees throughout the world and carefully regulated by responsible authorities.  Expanding plantations ensure continued supply.

Sandalwood oil is produced from several varieties of Australian native sandalwood trees that mainly grow in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.   The oil is extracted from the wood of the trees.  The wood is heavy, yellow, fine grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods retains its fragrance for decades.

Both the wood and the oil produce a distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries.  The older the trees, the more expensive and exotic the oil becomes.  Sandalwood oil has a distinctive warm, smooth, creamy, milky precious wood fragrance.  It imparts a long lasting woody base to perfumes as well as a fixative to floral and citrus fragrances.

Sandalwood oil is largely used in the cosmetic industry.  It is highly regarded for use in aromatherapy, as well as religious ceremonies in Asia and Eastern communities.  It is also used for making incense sticks.

Two species are presently available:

Australian variety – Santalum Spicatum (Botanic name)

Indian variety – Santalum Album (Botanic name)